Zoom Science!

One of the biggest losses during Conlethian Covid Contingencies has been the loss of the school laboratory: probably the single best example of the importance (and fun!) of hands-on learning and how it is missed when outlawed by the Committee for Public Safety. How the kids enjoyed their science classes in the lab: mixing solutions, dissecting specimens and reanimating moribund classmates… never mind teachers sneaking in at lunchtime for a reinvigorating jolt of voltage or relieving puff of gas! Ah well, perhaps by the proper, astronomical start of Spring we will be back in white coats and test tubes, but in the meantime Ms. Phelan is conducting her science via Zoom and her First Years have been gung-ho in their participation in various experiments. Most recently, 1C have been busy in the kitchen- not cooking calorific treats à la The Bake-Off- but advancing the frontiers of science by making acid/base indicators using assorted vegetables: red cabbage, beetroot and red onions. Red is the key here! Enjoy the pics below (more to come) and don’t worry if you hear an explosion or see a house-sized mushroom cloud in the neighbouring cup-de-sac: it is just a St. Conleth’s Zoom Science Laboratory in progress!