Zoo Story

One of the many changes we have noticed in recent years is the reduction in the number of our older Senior School students ‘doing a line’. Yes, we should clarify that this is not a reference to illegal stimulants stronger than a L&C latte but an euphemism for youngsters pairing up in boyfriend/girlfriend (or other variety) relationships. Anyways, even when we had a much more skewed gender ratio in the school, you could always depend on a few ‘couples’ developing in Fifth and Sixth Year… and not to scare anyone, but a small (but surprisingly large) number of these ended up in Past Pupil Marriages!

Perhaps it’s this generation heeding Greta the Good’s call to dwindle our species or, more likely, its a sign that relationships are mostly digital now and hand-holding in the corridors, heart-shaped graffiti in the homework journal and illicit rendezvous at the bike rack have all morphed into the passionate exchange of emojis. In any event, we thought the one place we might witness budding romance would be the zoo. You know, all that nature and stuff. Yes, Sixth Year Form Teachers Ms. NiAonghusa and Mr. Coleman took the cinema cancellation in stride and promptly organised a safer even more enjoyable outing for their charges, providing some small respite for a cohort of kids who have had nearly all their rites of passages postponed. No news yet of any canoodling near the canaries or lingering by the lemurs, but as you can see, above and below, the boys and girls were certainly thrilled to get a day out and enjoy the animals’, and each other’s’, company.