You Will Pass the Test!

We recently tried the ‘These are not the droids you are looking for…’ line on a big, country Garda who caught us in the yellow box on the quays but our Jedi mind tricks were of no avail, nor was our ploy of having yellow and green GAA colours wrapped around the rearview mirror of our ‘vehicle’. Luckily for our students at St. Conleth’s, our preparation for exams is much more of a sure thing. Below is the Summer Exam schedule but, rest assured, between now and then, you will be well prepared by your teachers and you have already passed the most important test of the year by just getting back to school and restarting some semblance of the normal living and learning processes. So, check out the schedule, ask your teachers any questions you have, and remember: The Force is Within You!

Summer Exam Schedule 2021 (PDF)