Yes, That’s ‘SAINT’ Conleth’s!

There have been various attempts over the years to separate the Irish people from their ancestral faith, but such measures as the Penal Laws and Covid restrictions only served to further strengthen their resolve.

Of course, we at St. Conleth’s welcome all faiths in our student and staff body, and our Mission Statement reflects that diversity, but our ethos is firmly, and proudly, founded in the Catholic tradition. This coming week is Catholic Schools week and Mr. Lonergan has provided us with all the resources necessary to make it a special week for St. Conleth’s. Each day has its own theme and we will tweet ‘thoughts of the day’ for both Senior School and Junior School. (Below is an early glimpse of Monday’s!). Here are the official flyers for the Junior and Senior Schools, and this link has plenty of age-appropriate resources attached for both parents and teachers which will enable them to make this week spiritually significant.

Junior School
Senior School