Yee-Haw! ‘The Lemonade Kid’ is a Smash Hit!

When Pat Howe swaggers into saloons in the wilds of South County Dublin, other drama teachers dive for cover as they know he is the rootinest, tootinest stage school top gun this side of the Shannon… even Billy ‘The Kid’ Barry was known to give Pat plenty of room if they happened to meet head-on in a dusty lay-by or the RTE canteen.   And who is always tinkling the ivories and sorting out the notes, high and low, for the young guns?  None other than Ms. Hartnett whose delicate playing belies the sternness of a true lawman when in pursuit of the perfect harmony.  Well, along with the amazing painted scenery of Ms. Long and her student artists, the tireless assistance of all the individual class teachers and all the little gunslingers and arrow-launchers, these two managed to produced an awesome show which was pitch-perfect, full of guffaws and gushes and kept all and sundry on the edge of their seats from the first gunshot to the last yodel.  Broadway surely beckons but we hope to hang onto our talented two at least as long as the summer spectacular.  It will certainly be difficult to top the Lemonade Kid!

See the full Ms. Dillon-produced programme here and the Ms. Leary and Mr. Gallagher-taken pics below.


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