Who Has the Fastest Fingers?

Jeremy Clarkson may soon be overwhelmed by young Conlethians if the results of the Eight Finger Ninja Typing Challenge are anything to judge by! For the last few weeks, our ICT Teacher and Director, Mr. Travers, has set a keyboard typing challenge for First through Sixth Classes to see who could improve the most and be consistent with those all-important-in-this-digital-world skills.  They were using eight fingers on the home row (the core basic requirement  for touch typing).  And the prizes were well worth getting carpal tunnel syndrome for: three games keyboards with mouse for three winners.

The competition was fierce, and everyone who took part improved considerably, but in the end the winners were: 1st / 2nd Classes prize was won by Gregory of 1st Form;  3rd / 4th won by Rohan of 4th ; and the 5th / 6th was won by Tadgh of 6th Form.  There were also 27 certificates presented to the achievers of the maximum of 2000 points over the six classes, and there were really no losers! As one student pointed out: with Covid driving us to our screens, we can all now type faster than we could before… Hopefully that will be more of a choice than a necessity, soon!