When is Midterm Break?

Actually that favoured retort of the class wit did not pop up this year when the Form Teachers settled in their charges, went through the rules and procedures and asked ‘Are there any questions?’ Maybe covid compliance has actually convinced them all of the value of getting back to school… and life as used to be. Our Fifth and Sixth Year students certainly seemed more willing to pause, if not pose, for the camera.: definitely suffusing ‘cool’… but not too much for school!

And we caught our younger years still in class and behind masks, ready to get on with the business. You may not be able to see it, but you could feel the energy and enthusiasm emanating through the layers of protective gauze. And with news that all sports and activities are back, all Conlethians are looking forward to savouring a term of near-normalcy, made even more special by the way recent events have made us value the simple good things in life. Like midterm break, which commences on Friday, October 22nd!