What’s the Story?

Before there were looped videos of campfires on Youtube, there were real campfires. Before there were podcasts, there were real stories told by the lady who worked at the corner shop and the old guy at the bus stop who never seemed to get on a bus. Maybe not true, but real. Before there were on-demand streaming services, you had to rush home from school to catch Scooby-Doo because it was on at 4:00. And, no, you could not pick it up it on your Walkman en route… things have changed, many for the better, but sometimes we think more might be less, and we yearn for a time when we hung on every word as it sprung from the lips of a talented teller of tales. Well, those days returned to St. Conleth’s Junior School as renowned professional storyteller Niall De Búrca paid us a visit and regaled both students and staff with his Irish-flavoured tales of wit and wonder. It was a beautiful day in the front garden and all screens were put away and all end-of-term stresses and jitters were forgotten, as we all fell under the timeless spell of a story well told.