We Are All Chosen Ones!

Malory, T.H. White, Walt Disney and innumerable subsequent interpreters of the Arthurian legends all emphasised the ‘chosen-ness’ of young Art.  Like the later Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter, the hero was one in a million and we all wanted to be him (or her) but in the end we could only read and watch and dream and maybe buy the T-shirt…. but not at St. Conleth’s where everyone is special, everyone is ‘the chosen one’!

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Ms. Dillon, displaying the cross-curricularness which thrills education theorists (and kids) everywhere, led her class in an exploration of the legends of the Round Table through books, pictures and film and then, as a coup-de-grace, an incredibly ambitious and enjoyable art project.  Everyone took part, everyone made a ‘sword in a stone’ and everyone was able to grip their sword and withdraw it from the stone (or marshmallow) and lay claim to the heritage of King Arthur!  Mr. Kilcommons had the unenviable task of picking the best project while surrounded by the heavily armed contestants but all ended relatively peacefully!