TYs Work To Please The Birds

No sooner have the TYs wrapped up their extraordinarily successful Christmas Fair then they get to work on their next project!  The Morehampton Road Wildlife Sanctuary (aka ‘The Grove’) is that mysterious parcel of land on the corner of Morehampton and Wellington Lane which has ivory-coloured crumbling stone walls and wrought-iron gates and is overflowing with creepers, vines, branches and the sounds of the jungle!  You might hurry by in the morning, mistaking the sounds of wildlife for those of lowlife but it is actually a little bit of David Attenborough Land, a healthy mini-ecosystem forever preserved for nature and its observers by the will of a deceased benefactor (and the meanderings of the underground Swan River).  Mr. Keenan has been feeding the birds there for years but now the TYs have volunteered to help by carefully and select fully cleaning the place up and making it even more suitable for the diverse resident wildlife including various nesting birds, foxes, squirrels, frogs and the occasional alumnus who could not make it all the way home after the PPU Dinner!


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