TYs Start Year In High Gear

They were a bit shy at first: unusually quiet in both classrooms and the hallways, shuffling along and flashing only wry smiles at their more confident classmates.  But eventually the Transition Year boys were carefully coaxed out of their shells by the TY girls, the first ever in the long history of the school!  Now, after just a couple of weeks of integration, everyone is getting along swimmingly, and our boys have regained their voices and courage to launch dubious attempts at humour at every opportunity, and the girls (and we) are wondering why did we wake the sleeping beasts?  Well, for one thing you need to be fully awake to keep up with Co-ordinator Mr. Trenier’s Transition Year Programme!  Classes in the traditional subjects, as well as more esoteric pursuits such as Coding and Chinese, are in full swing, but somehow Mr. T has still found the time to lead the gang on hikes from Greystones to Bray and an overnight trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre.  And the Thursday outings are just beginning! Check out the full TY Programme yourself, which has all the important info (including the all-important dates for Work Experience), and get ready for the wild ride which is Transition Year at St. Conleth’s!


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