TYs Spin Tales… and Earn Praise!

Some Transition Years are quick to spin a tale or two when asked why they were late for class and perhaps this inventiveness came to the fore these last few weeks as a specially selected group of them took part in Project Storytellers down at our near neighbours, St. Brigid’s Primary School.  We have been involved in this learning partnership these last few years in which Transition Year pupils head down early on Friday mornings to the school on Haddington Road and take part in small group reading and story sessions with the younger classes.  Every year it is a thrill for all the children involved, from four to sixteen year olds, and, in particular, the story-tellers come away feeling privileged to have witnessed (and even helped) emerging literacy, a most commonplace but still miraculous event.


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And those at St. Brigid’s value our TYs’ contributions, as evidenced in a testimony by the school’s principal:

The feedback I am getting from our teachers is very positive; they are very impressed with this group of students and how well they are getting on with the children. They are fully engaged and very enthusiastic. As we had so much interest from the subs, we have included them and so adjustments have been made to how we’ve operated in the classroom.
While some of the students are reading with the children as planned, others are working on station teaching and individual reading, under the guidance of the teachers. There is a great buzz in each room!
It would be great if you could come and visit the students when they come back to us again on March 3rd ….you would be very proud of them!
Thank you again for your continued cooperation and support for the Storytellers Project.
Best wishes,
Annemarie Hogan
St Brigid’s Primary School
Haddington Road