TYs Go Cross-Curricular: Death in Pompeii Comes Alive!

In 79 AD, on the west coast of Italy, Pliny the Elder saw a strange cloud of smoke billowing from Mt. Vesuvius.  The venerable patrician was both admiral and scholar and he went cross-curricular by ordering his sailors to man their quadrimes and accompany him on a voyage of scientific discovery across the Bay of Naples to the city of Pompeii.  That particular academic adventure did not end too well but when Simon Pettitt and Alex Murphy decided to mix Classics and Art, the result literally took their (especially Simon’s) breath away!  Mr. Latvis deserves some credit for pressing play on YouTube and showing the boys a documentary about the incredible life-size casts made when the bodies of Vesuvius’s victims were quickly entombed in ash and then rotted away.  Ms. Halpin deserves more credit for actually getting the materials, guiding the boys through the papier-mâché process and helping them clean up!  Alex and Simon had a more equal partnership: Simon learned how to trust a class-mate and Alex learned how a few well-placed whispers can terrorise a captive.  Seriously, well done to the boys!  The face covered in frantically clasping hands speaks volumes about the human suffering involved in such a historical event.

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