TYs Make Smooth Segway from B of I to AIB

Back in the good, old days on the rare occasion that a bank said ‘no’ to a loan request, one could hop on down to a rival and be sure to get immediate approval, as the spirit of open market competition and the lightest of touches of regulation prevailed.  Well the Transition Year Build-A-Bank boys and their corporate guides are partying like it is 2007 and the student-savers are lapping it up!  The AIB boys are certainly giving the B of I gang a run for their money, with duelling infinitesimal interest rates and fun-filled freebies, though the guaranteed prize of a real Segway threatens put some distance between them, albeit at a very slow pace.  The theme of  ‘Bank to the Future’ is also ingenious, as the launch coincided with the fateful date, long ago foretold in the seminal 1980’s time travel flick.  TY Co-ordinator Mr. Trenier and other staff members clearly enjoyed the nostalgic trip back to their own teenage years.  Well, may the best bank win.  And pull out all the stops, because after all, you both are guaranteed!

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