A Slice of Raspberry Pi, Anyone?

Some of us are old enough to remember when young boys fantasised about being cops, firemen and astronauts and their parents prayed fervently that they would get into the ESB, but that has all changed utterly and today child and parent alike seem to dream only digitally.  And now that Mark Zuckerberg has logged out of the virtual world and into the virtuous one, promising to fix the few bits of the world left unmended by Bill Gates, there is an opening in ‘Boyish Bit-based Billionaires’.  Who will be admitted to the club?  We reckon it will be one of the whizz-kids below, the enthusiastic members of Ms. NiAonghusa’s Coding Club.  After-school every Tuesday, they meet up in the ICT room to crunch code and discuss the latest advances in technology (and perhaps compare a few Minecraft builds) . Yes, the rugby guys may be getting all the headlines recent times, but in a few years they will be hobbling into an office at Google or EBay, trying to convince Sammy or Saul that they know the difference between C++ and C#!