They Come from the Land of the Ice and Snow!

Actually, they come from St. Conleth’s Junior School! Yes, Sixth Former Harry Groarke (and his clan) are certified celluloid vikings! Harry may look a little younger in these cells: that is because the filming was done back when he was in Fourth Class and before Dr. Tony put a 5km limit on the longboats. However, a diet made up mostly of ale, salmon and beef pilfered from fat monks has aged our young warrior considerably and suitably, since!

Above you see snapshots from when Harry, his mom, and his sisters actually made the silver screen on Amazon Prime back in January. Clan Chieftain (and dad) Jason captured it on film the old-fashioned way, which can be seen below. And here, you can see the incredible ‘storyboards’ from the sequence: a rare glimpse into to art and work that go into the movie-making business. Pass the mead, Harry!