TY Umbrellas: The Perfect Accompaniment to your Perambulation!

The boulevards and laneways of D4 are certainly nothing like that dreaded LUAS Red Line but they are known for a certain type of public altercation: the duelling golf umbrellas!  Picture this:  You stroll out of Roly’s with your Chai latte in one hand and your demure Leinster umbrella in the other (and perhaps a sourdough loaf under one arm) and, lo and behold, some complete gangster, surely NAMA-ed to the hilt, barges in, hollering for six macchiatos, all soy, with a fat tie and a ridiculously robust beach-sized umbrella and almost knocks you for six!  Well, it is clearly an arms race and we have the solution:

St. Conleth’s Golf Umbrellas!

  • Transition Year Mini – Company is taking pre-orders for our specially designed, superb quality, automatic opening golfing umbrellas.
  • These umbrellas are a one off limited edition item, and only a small number will be available to purchase.
  • The cost will be €35 per umbrella.
  • If you wish to place an order, please email tyminicompany@gmail.com with your name and contact details clearly displayed.
  • If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.