The New Bohemians!

We are proud of our ‘artsy’ reputation at St. Conleth’s and on Tuesday night, the culture vultures had a double feast: Continuing an honoured tradition started years ago by Mrs. Kelleher, Ms. Sheppard invited Sixth Years along to see La Bohème at the National Concert Hall, and the Classics Department escorted Fifth Years to the decidedly non-Disnefied tale of Oedipus Rex at the Abbey.   The opera was a bravura performance, as no less of an authority than Principal Emeritus Peter Gallagher was on hand to judge.  Mr Gallagher, a noted expert on all things musical and theatrical, hummed along with every tune, and pointed out the small discrepancies in the subtitles translated from the Italian.  The boys and girls, of course, were in their finery and on their best behaviour, as they enjoyed the classic testament to the bittersweet nature of love.  ‘Love’ was also on the agenda at the Abbey, but the sweetness evaporated rather quickly.  Oedipus Rex is really more of a play about family values, and the Abbey production pulled no punches in dissecting the pride and Cavan-like intricacies of the royal family of Thebes.

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