The Miracle of Miracles!

We certainly do believe in miracles, because it was a miracle that Transition Year Dylan Alves was able to fashion such a smooth final product out of the buckets of video and audio recordings we sent him!  Yes, Mr. Kilcommons shot the original footage of the Junior Choir’s ‘When You Believe’ himself, but fancying himself a bit of cinema auteur, we had quite an opus on our hands: part pop video, part film noir, part horror musical.  Dylan came to the rescue and after many an hour spent in the digital editing ‘room’ we came out with this rather professional looking and sounding video.  A big thank-you goes out to Dylan, as well as Ms. Emer Hartnett who led the choir through the many stages of the process.  So, here it is, in all its post-production glory.  We also would like to honour the students whose art was selected to adorn the CD, itself: the Herbot Brothers (Scott and Eimhinn), Aisling Grant and Sean Lennon. Well done to all involved in this ‘first ever’ accomplishment for St. Conleth’s.



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