The HeArt of Nature

We have been saving this one for a while but with Spring now in full flow we had better take our last glance (hopefully!) of the cold, snow-dusted days of February. Junior School art teacher Orla Mellon was not going to let a polar vortex stop her or her eager artists: she sent them out into the teeth of the last gasp of winter to find the art that only needs to be found, not made. First up, she she tells us all about the project. Then, we get a list of the Juniors who took part and snaps of their work, more-or-less in order! Enjoy!

The Art Heart Project

The Artists

Gregorio, John, Alexandra, Lewis, Federico, Sam, Beatrice, Clodagh, Ronan, Afonso, Christian, Parson, Sean, Conor, Eli-John, Luke, Graeme, Harrison, Sam, Patrick, Charlie, Federick.