The Great First Year Bake-Off: The Movie!

Don’t let Mr. Morris’s ‘Science Guy’ persona fool you! Behind those safety goggles, and beneath that pocket protector, lie the mind and spirit of an avant-garde film auteur! We have seen his TY cinéma vérité short films already, and now he has turned his talents to a new challenge: chronicling the ongoing Great First Year Bake-Off. We are impressed with his directorial efforts, as well as those of the ensemble cast (credits below) but we wonder: will he run out of film before the last cherry is placed atop the cream?

The Great First Year Bake-Off: The Movie
Starring: Mr. ‘Keanu’ Gahan, Ms. ‘Winona’ McGuinness and Ms. ‘Sigourney’ Speller (and a special selection of First Years’ confectionaries)
Directed by: Mr. ‘Quentin’ Morris
Narrated by: Mr. ‘Khan Noonien Singh’ Toal