The Christmas Force Awakens!

In years gone by the Parents’ Association kindly treated the Junior School students to a pre-Christmas movie trip, but this year we came up with even a better idea: why not enjoy a movie in-house, thereby saving a bit of cash for other projects and yet still having a jolly old time! And we combined the event with Christmas Jumper Day which may stretch the sartorial sensitivities of some, but raises money for charity and always provides a good few laughs.  The Junior and Senior Infants watched The Flight Before Christmas on Cinemamultiomniplex Screen 1 (aka the Library). First through Fourth saw The Nativity 3 in the Conference Room and Fifth and Sixth proudly displayed our multiculturalism and tolerance of other faiths, joining the seasonal Jedi celebrations on Tatooine for Star Wars IV.  The Parents Association kindly footed the bill for refreshments, and the only way we can pay them back is through barnstorming performances next Tuesday during our annual Preparatory and Junior School Christmas Concerts!

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