The Children’s Crusade (and Competition!)

In a fitting conclusion to Catholic Schools Week, Mr. Lonergan led 28 First Yeasr student volunteers on ‘A Pilgrim Path’ around Dublin city, visiting churches and significant Catholic sites. Sites and shrines visited included St. Theresa’s of Clarendon Street and the pro Cathedral, with its crypt fileld with over one thousand happily reposing residents! A special stop, considering recent restrictions on worship, was the Church of Immaculate Conception, otherwise known as the Adam and Eve’s Church, in Merchant’s Quay which was built on the grounds of an old tavern where secret Masses were held during the Penal Times. By all reports, the day out was an informative, uplifting and spiritually enriching experience. Also pictured are those who chose to stay behind, and who, instead, were brought to see the first blooms of Spring in Herbert Park. And with Lent just around the corner, Mr. Lonergan is not letting up! He has organised a Project Presentation Competition for Transition Year Religion Class with real cash money (€25, €10 and €5) for the prizes! Render unto Caesar… indeed!