*Terms and Conditions Do Not Apply!

We are used to being wary of ‘free’ offers: there always seems to be an asterisk which leads to a labyrinth of ‘terms and conditions’ that leave the consumer feeling confused and disappointed.  The St. Conleth’s Easter Camp, however, was truly free, with no terms, conditions or asterisks attached!  Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class students, many of whom are already signed up for the senior school, were invited to a Mr. Bolger-designed cornucopia of sport, art, music and fun.  There was a great variety of activities on offer, proving that you actually can prove all of the people at least some of the time!  Gav Maguire, incredibly spry for having just returned from Oz, and Alex O’Brien from the Junior School designed a challenging but friendly mix of ballgames for the grass and astro down at Herbert Park, ably assisted by student helpers Ross, Nicolas and Jamie.  Ms. de Bhal managed to convey the art of ukulele-playing in one fun-filled session up in the Music Room.  Ms. Kelly welcomed all the happy campers into Aladdin’s Cave, also known as our Art Room, where framed paintings and Easter eggs were on the agenda.  Mr. Latvis got them moving again playing basketball in the school gym and we made sure that they all got a taste of a St. Conleth’s specialty: Past Pupil Conor White held a debating workshop up in the Conference Room.  It was a fun-filled few days and we hope the campers all skipped away, feeling a bit more Conlethian!


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