Tennis Teams Approaching the Net!

The rugby and basketball teams have thrilled us with their multiple finals and semi-finals, falling honorably at the last hurdles.  The chess team reached new heights in its inter-school competition and is now involved in the internecine battles of their labyrinthine in-house tournament.  The fencers, having fought all over Europe this year, were last seen heading outside to settle, like true gentlemen, an argument about Bratislavan history.  That leaves it to Mr. Keenan’s tennis teams to take the Conleth’s colours into the other courts of Leinster and, as usual, the teams are battling at the very highest level.   St. Conleth’s Tennis Captain Alex Murphy has able assistants in Girls Captain Lois Kelleher, 2nd/3rd Year Captain Michael Cook and 1st Year Captain Sthitoprogyo Deb as they prepare for the gruelling Leinster Cup.  Look below at the fixture list, and you will see that tennis is one sport where we just do not do ‘developmental’ or ‘special achievment’.  We just play tennis, and we do it against the best and we do it well!


PDF of Fixture List