Talkin’ Turkey: St. Conleth’s Celebrates Thanksgiving

Somewhere Squanto must be smiling… as he sees the celebration of  the anniversary of his extraordinary act of goodwill and friendship spread to new shores.  Mr. Kilcommons, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Dillon and the other Junior School teachers invited the American members of our community in to mark one of their most important national holidays.  Some of the boys themselves did some careful research and presented reports on Squanto, the Mayflower and the meaning of Thanksgiving.  Mr. Latvis delivered a few personal anecdotes and engaged a few volunteers in the impersonation of the famous ‘Three Sisters’ of Native American agriculture which enabled the survival of the Pilgrims: maize, beans and squash.  Absorbing all this information spurred the appetites of all, so there were muffins, pumpkin pie and caramel apples to share.  And Mr. Kilcommons has promised a proper turkey feast for next year.  At St. Conleth’s, Thanksgiving is no longer just the day before Black Friday!

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