You’ve Got A Friend in We!

We have perused the calendar and figured out that there is not a single week left in the year that has not been co-opted for some higher purpose.  We had our eye on the second week in November but it turns out that it is Amphibian Awareness Week.  The search goes on…  However, there is one designated ‘week’ which would warm the heart of even the most crotchety old cynic: Friendship Week, and you are currently right in the middle of it!  So, if you getting some unusual smiles from strangers while waiting for the 46A, do not worry, it is just because it is Friendship Week!  And Ms. Leary and Second Form want to make sure Conlethians take notice and perhaps even make a positive difference amongst their ever-widening circle of friends and the wider world.  They are selling Friendship braces to one-and-all to raise awareness of how little it takes to bring a smile to someone’s face and all profits are going to Amnesty International, the NGO which works tirelessly for the release of political prisoners and other victims of unjust persecution around the world.  The students are running the tax-exempt business all by themselves!



In Dogs We Trust!

The Egyptians may have worshipped cats but too many of us subscribe to the Edith Wharton description of ‘snakes in fur’ and frankly, if we did invite a cat to meet 150 excited, poky, drooling children, do you think it would show up? Now, dogs are different… loyal, warm, licky, incredibly easy to please: what more could you want?   Just ask Fiona, the engaging representative of Dogs’ Trust, who came by yesterday with Ollie the Boxer to teach the Junior School students about proper pet stewardship.  The Q & A session was very informative and we all learned lots about the responsible care of dogs (and the sometimes strange workings of the six-year-old-mind).  Both Fiona and Ollie were big hits with the kids and the staff and we hope to have them back again!