Swimming with Sharks!

Swimming has long been an enthusiastic tradition at St. Conleth’s and that is not just the occasional dip in the duck pond in Herbert Park.  We have been shipping our Junior pupils down to the ESB pool since Mr. Kelleher qualified as a lifeguard at some point in the middle of the last century.  Rumours abound that the architects are coming in to talk about the next phase of the school’s development so perhaps a rooftop pool is in the plans, but in the meantime we will continue to make a splash (except when diving) elsewhere, including in the Shark-infested waters at the Willow Swimming Gala. Fourteen of our boys from Third to Sixth Form did themselves and their school proud with several qualifying for the Leinster’s with their ‘personal best’ times.  Here you see some of our swimmers, before and after hitting the water.

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