Super Spellers!

As an English teacher of some 20 years we have seen a marked decline in some traditional academic skills, coinciding with the rise of the machines, but we are happy to report that  St. Conleth’s refuses to trade all for the bitcoin and continues to insist on the mastering of basic skills such as the three Rs and the much-neglected arts of handwriting and spelling.  Earlier this year we saw Tathagat Kumar of our Second Form win First Prize in the AIJS Handwriting Competition and recently the Junior School held its annual in-house Spelling Bee.  It was one for the bookies  as Third Former ‘dark horse’ Patrick Coleman was the last man standing in a field packed with accomplished spellers (and Eason National Spelling Bee veterans). Sthitoprogyo Deb won Silver and Ruben Grace took bronze in a closely contested final.  It is great to see such spelling talent from the spellcheck generation!

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