Sun and Fun at Sportsday 2016!

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Each year, on a certain Tuesday in May, St. Conleth’s  is involved in a massive trek to the outer reaches of Dublin 4.  The exodus begins at break time and we all head off down the meandering back allies and cowpaths of Ringsend and Irishtown, and though we often lose a few stragglers in the ‘Ringer,’ most of the students eventually arrive at Irishtown Stadium, ready to enthusiastically take part in one of our most eagerly anticipated yearly rituals: St. Conleth’s Senior School Sportsday. This year, all the usual suspects were there: Mr. Keenan, our strong but silent Games Commander of All Sports; Gavin ‘HOS’ Maguire, the witty yet deadly efficient Master of Ceremonies; the Parents’ Association, cooks and partisans supreme; various teachers, now old hands at their various athletic stations; and, of course, hordes of Tuck Shop-fuelled adolescents, bouncing up-and-down with adrenalin and competitive zeal. This last group spent the day, or at least the mid-afternoon, running, jumping and throwing things with glee and then cheering (and laughing) as others took their turns.  All good fun…and now back to the books!


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