Study. Eat. Play.

The routine is returning and isn’t it glorious? No, not the fear, suspicion and condescension of the plague days, but the more normal routines of everyday life. And, as with many things, the kids are way ahead of us! Now, the actual relaxation of rules is dependent upon the glacial movements of the Department… but our students (and staff) have already shown some spring in their step, and not just because of the addition of another bank holiday. Below, we see the students work in Afterschool Study (sign up on Easypayments!), eat together in the canteen like truly evolved social animals (order through the Cashless Canteen Account!), listen to a DCU presentation (get that CAO sorted!) and take constitutionals in the Herbo (clean up after your Coton de Tulear!)- one covid contingency we will gladly continue!