Straight Outta Conleth’s: Chess Playas With Attitude!

We are not sure with which gang Charlie and James are associated, but we are happy that they have a chess-playing ‘wing’!   James recently faced off against Antonia in a late-round match-up of the Annual St. Conleth’s Chess Tournament, run by Chess Moderator Ms. NiAonghusa, and even though James’s wingman, Charlie, was there wearing his colours and flashing some intimidating signs, Anontonia was not to be cowed so easily and she almost pulled off the upset.  The tournament is nearing its business end so both participants should be proud of getting this far, where guys named Suyash and Mati roam with true chess swagger.  Stay tuned for the finale and if you want more TY posing and posturing, make sure you catch James, Charlie, Antonia and all the gang in the musical ‘School of Rock’, premiering next Wednesday evening!


Action from the Annual St. Conleth's Chess Tournament: Antonia loses narrowly to James.