St. Conleth’s has always had a proud tradition of emphasising music, but lately this has been taken to a whole new level. The dedicated Music Room is constantly a-buzz, hosting the practice of our School Choir and musicians or the more free-form adventures of various soloists and student bands as they prepare for our Annual School Concert, Christmas Carols, various other assemblies and or just simply jamming and having fun! A recent but very popular venue is ‘Buskers’ Corner’, an ‘open mic’ lunchtime concert which welcomes new performers of all styles, instruments and experiences to the stage. All First Years take Music, and get to show off their stuff in special Class Concerts, and they are encouraged to continue the subject into Second Year and the Junior Certificate. Music accompanies every single event at St. Conleth’s, or should we say, since it has become so important, school life now accompanies music!