Maths and Applied Maths

The study of Mathematics is a core component of secondary education and we take great pride in the excellent results we achieve. At both Junior and Leaving Cert level, the numbers of students taking maths at higher level and their standard of attainment far exceeds the national average.

Our aim as a department is to stimulate our students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment of mathematics. We encourage all students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Supported by the teachers and working collaboratively, students begin to understand key mathematical principles, methods and language. Most importantly, our aim to to ensure that students are able to transfer their mathematical knowledge to the real world.  Of course, at Leaving Cert level, Applied Maths takes this impulse to its logical conclusion, and this optional, elective class often attracts the most mathematically ambitious.

We have many opportunities throughout the year for our students to participate in external competitions including:

  • All Students should familiarise themselves with the Student Area which on the Project Maths website.
  • Our 1st and 2nd Years should use as much as possible.

Other useful websites include: