Guidance, Counselling and Learning Support

Guidance and Counselling

“The guidance and counselling process aims to help students to develop an awareness and acceptance of their talents and abilities; to explore possibilities and opportunities; to grow in independence and to take responsibility for themselves; to make informed choices about their lives and to follow through on those choices”.  (Guidelines for Second Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9c)

Useful Guidance Documents:

The Guidance Department in St. Conleth’s provides comprehensive and personalised career and educational advice to students.  The service strives to communicate the entire range of available options and to encourage and enable individuals to identify those which suit them best.  These choices are best made on the basis of detailed knowledge of individual strengths and interests. Psychometric reports provide students with an in-depth analysis of their vocational aptitudes and abilities.

Career education in St Conleth’s is a gradual ongoing processs rather than a single event, but students are given extra help at key transition stages such as choosing Leaving Certificate subjects and applying to third level colleges.  A number of events and speakers are organised throughout the year, covering areas such as applying to the CAO and to universities in the USA/Europe/UK, Oxbridge entry, careers in Science, Engineering, IT etc. While the majority of  St Conleths’s students (on average 98%) go on to Higher Education, full account is taken of long-term aspirations and the needs of those who wish to pursue different paths are fully addressed.

The care and welfare of pupils  at St Conleth’s is of fundamental importance. Psychological support is offered when necessary by the school guidance counsellor who provides a professional personal counselling service. The guidance department recognises the importance of the first contact which any student has with the service. Many first-time users may be anxious and confused, so it aims to be both welcoming and helpful while respecting the confidentiality of any personal information.

Learning Support

St. Conleth’s is very proud of its ability to welcome, assist and encourage students of all learning styles and abilities. Central to our system is the close co-operation between the Form Teacher and the Learning Support Co-ordinator, a dedicated and specifically trained professional who is exclusively devoted to the organisation of special needs assessment and accommodation. If new students have a pre-existing assessment of special needs, the Co-ordinator will arrange a meeting with the parents and the Form Teacher early in the term to plan further assessment and implementation of Personal Education Plans, including resource to the National Educational Psychological Service and Reasonable Accommodations for the state exams. All of our teachers are aware of special educational needs and will liaise with parents, Form Teachers and the Learning Support Co-ordinator when a student’s work or behaviour seems to merit consultation.

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