Each year 95-100% of our Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students take English at the Higher Level, while the national average is 68%.  This statistic is indicative of the English Department’s mission and ambition to push every student to his or her limit in regards to comprehension and expression of the English language.

We have already begun to implement the new Junior Cycle curriculum, which has a greater emphasis on practical and oral English and we welcome the increased scope it allows for project and co-operative work.

Transition Years are currently enjoying a year-long Drama course which is dedicated to enhancing both their appreciation of the greatest current and traditional plays and their own performances, culminating in their year-end musical in-house musical, which always brings down the house.
The Leaving Certificate is approached with the right mix of enthusiasm and precision as we manage to uncover the student’s literary talents while we ‘cover’ the demanding course.

At all levels, our English teachers take advantage of the cultural capital of Dublin, and every class gets to see at least one of their texts each year performed professionally in a theatre. Of course, ICT enables us to also bring performances into the classroom, and to engage in the interactive and cross-curricular adventures which are at the heart of the new recommended model of education.

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