Our dedicated Art Room is always full of students busily drawing, painting, pencilling, carving, cutting, crepe-ing, colouring… well, being creative in one way or another! Mr. O’Dulaing may bemoan the colossal clean-up but he is justifiably proud of the number of Conlethian graduates now going on to degrees and careers in art and design.  Our recent graduates have gone on to NCAD and IADT and other top-notch art programmes, and the pieces which they have left behind cover our walls!  It all starts in First Year, when all students are obligated to take Art, and there is the option (and encouragement) to continue onwards to the JC, LC and beyond.  Ms. Halpin nurtures and develops the talents of her students with a firm but encouraging hand, and you need only walk our hallways to see the stunning student art which is often the result.

I am very proud of the Art department and of the students of St Conleths who over the years have created amazing Art work which adorns many of the school’s walls and corridors. We are lucky to have an abundance of talent and enthusiasm to work with within this school. I have been teaching Art at St Conleths for ten years now and every year I am amazed and encouraged by the students’ connection and enjoyment of the subject.

Art is a primary visual language, essential for communication and expression. Drawing, (especially for us artists) is as important as the development of written and verbal skills. The need to see the world through visual means is stronger than ever. And the problem solving and lateral thinking that goes on in the art room is second to none. Images transcend the barriers of language and so for many of our international students they find a sanctuary when they can excel as their English develops.Drawing is our key tool. It is a skill that is used in many industries in the creative sector, animation, architecture, design, fashion, film, theatre, performance and the communication industries. Drawing is also used in a a range of other professions to develop, document, explore, explain and plan. This includes the fields of Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine and sport. In keeping this in mind we try to go cross curricular with other subjects in the school. Imagination, creativity, hard work, time and focus also help a lot.  

Ms. Halpin,
Art Teacher at St. Conleth’s