Sports Day V!

Yes, with each year having their own Sports Day this year we are quickly running out of punning headlines and witty jibes about a certain former Head of Sport who, apparently, is splitting his summer staycation between Adare Manor and Dromoland Castle. Well for some, we guess. All we can say is that our Fifth Years are particularly sporty and if the athleticism we saw on show this week is authentic, the Class of 2022′ Sixth Year Soccer team year may very well lose by only a few goals in the Staff/Sixth Year Soccer match. Maybe five or six. Yes, Morton and Co., we are talking to you! And you had better order those cute little Sixth Year team jerseys now, because you ain’t walking away next May with anything else! Oh, we must mention Oisín Power’s particular talent with the tug-of-war. He really had the technique down pat; a bit surprising, as he admitted himself that he had never, ever pulled before!


Kick and Throw!


Wheelers and Winners

Fifth Fun!