Yes, we dare compare the heroics of Lonergan, Trenier, Weatherley, Mansfield and Steyn with the triumphant return of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins from the distant moon to the welcoming sea: such was the courage and charisma (and splashing) shown at lunchtime on Tuesday.  Mr. Lonergan and 2A did the hard groundwork for this biannual fundraiser for the very worthy charity, Mary’s Meals: organising, promoting and collecting for the Sponge-a-thon and No-Uniform day, but we must particularly praise the fortitude of those who put their lives, or at least their dignity and sniffle status, on the line when it came down to actual hostilities.

Lonergan and Trenier are used to this kind of thing: the vales of Tipperary and Cavan breed them tough and ornery but little did we know that the hinterland of Dublin 4 would produce such stalwarts, albeit lovingly wrapped in Hilfigger and Superdry.  Funny, super dry is exactly what Rory and Anna remained, as they were tasked with the actual money-counting and, boy, did they do their Math teachers proud: over €500 raised, and proceeds from the Trenier and Lonergan-autographed pictures still to come!  Well done to all involved, including the bucket boys such as Oisín and Utkarsh, who soldiered on despite repeatedly taking hits from ‘friendly fire’.


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