Sorry… I’m out of film.

Do you remember the family occasions of old, when the whole clan had to be cajoled, threatened and manhandled into some semblance of apparent joy on the sofa in the good room, and the paterfamilias would threaten terrible things with his eyebrows until he decided there were enough opened eyes and unturned faces to commit the moment to celluloid history?  Ms. Coleman and her Fourth Formers are too young to remember such pre-digital holiday horrors themselves, but last week they completed a remarkable project in which they explored the history of cameras and photography, getting at least a taste of what it was like before every waking moment was effortlessly recorded by the flick of a phone.  Of course, we are no longer counting film exposures or film cubes so we have plenty of pics of the boys poking around with the Polaroids, as well as joining Third Form for more Maths fun with IZAK-9:

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