Sixth Years Explore All Options

Mr. Porzadny is well-known for his skills as a practitioner and instructor of meditation, but don’t be fooled by his legendary sangfroid: when we need a teacher to take on a mission that demands high levels of energy and enthusiasm, we always turn to Mr. J-Pozz:

Another beautiful summer day! Bright sky, bright smiles and bright minds heading through Herbert Park to the RDS Simmonscourt for the Higher option event. Once there, getting the entrance bracelets for the students, one of the organiser told me we were the first school to arrive. Indeed, the hall was pretty calm, it would soon become much busier.  DIT, UCC, UCD, DCU, CIA, AHEAD, DDLETB, CDETB … where do we start? But thanks to an early morning pep talk by Mr O’Dulaing, the 6th Years did not despair. They ventured through the venue with confidence, beginning their curious quest for information.


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As for me, wandering through the different university stalls I quickly ended up on the side of the hall devoted to the foreign universities. All I can now say is that there are amazing opportunities and advantages for Irish students to study abroad. Foreign universities often have smaller fees (from free tuition in Denmark to 2000 euros a year in the Netherlands, with the possibility of getting a 0% loan to pay back over 35 years), students feel less pressure regarding the entrance criteria (a minimum of points at the Leaving cert is not needed in most universities) and of course: students gain a huge amount of experience and personal growth by living and studying abroad.  Bumping into our Conleth’s students I could still feel the enthusiasm and the curiosity in their voice. Finishing with a talk on “Studying Abroad,” Oisin, Isham, Muirin, Siobhan and a few others heard the head of EUNUCHS (, ending his talk with an interesting quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”  So thinking outside the box, learning, questioning:  these are fine traits that our students had plenty of time to practice and polish today.