Sixth Form Almost Ready for Confirmation

Bodies and brains, but authorities no less than St. Augustine, St. Conleth and Principal Kilcommons agree that the spirit also needs appropriate guidance and development:

The St. Conleth’s 2016 candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation are almost at the end of their journey as the big day approaches. Three preparatory Masses in St. Mary’s Haddington Rd. during the course of this academic year led to parents and pupils coming together on Thursday 10th of March in the conference room for the Ceremony of Light. The room itself was transformed by Ms. Kelly, as only she can, with the candle light and stained glass lending itself to a deeply spiritual atmosphere. Ms. Hartnett had the musical and choral pieces beautifully prepared as always with the boys, while Mr Hickey who performed the ceremony had a very attentive audience from young and older alike. A big thank you to Dr. Fallon who has prepared the boys so diligently up to now. On Wednesday 16th, the candidates will be immaculate in their school blazer and rosettes.  They will be photographed on the school steps and will then walk down to the church to be met by their parents and sponsor where they will be confirm their faith.  One leg of a long journey of faith in which the school plays a vital role.