Seniors: Too Cool for Ghoul

Unfortunately, nearly all the Senior School students and staff thought they were ‘too cool to be ghoul’ for Halloween and did not dress up in costume for the last day before midterm. Thank goodness for Ms. Halpin then, who brought in her dinosaur costume, and who found an unnamed, border-accented staff member to show off his dancing moves in the entrance corridor.

True, Gav Maguire was also dressed up: as an Leinster/Conleth’s/Wanderers rugby player, presumably retired. But he wears that costume every day. Gav’s TY charges did bring a lot of life and energy to the day by inaugurating The Transition Year Halloween Bake Sale and it was a smashing success, with Dougie and Co.’s pellet pizza oven the highlight but plenty of other teams of TYs serving up delicious delicacies and earning some honest profit.

We must thank Emilio for the photos above. Regarding those below, we are not so sure. We think it has something to do with Michael Sweeney, who garnered much attention (and camera film) while on the TY Carlingford trip. See, Emilio and Michael go way back, with their friendship dating from their time spent as hoplite warrior buddies in the Spartan phalanx, and they have been best friends- and rivals, since. We feel the Emilio-Cam was thus motivated, but to be honest, he did get some great shots of various school personalities. And all have subsequently tested negative.

We may have not worn costumes, but the Student Officers continued a long-standing tradition of raising hundreds of euros for the charity GOAL through a jersey day, moving it up from the spring, because, well, we need to start doing fun stuff again! School Captain Rory Clarke and his loyal deputies, Hannah and Evan, organised it all and even got their hands dirty, collecting the filthy lucre themselves. Oh… did we say ‘loyal deputies’?