Senior Infants Have Been Very Busy…

…but we have been neglecting them!  Apologies to Ms. Murphy and the boys but we had outsourced certain of our heavier journalistic duties to foreign lands with more pliable labour laws and though we knew ‘Senior Infants’ had gone to a bidder in one of the -stan countries, we could not remember which one!  But, at long last, we recently received a package to our door with as many stamps on it as the passport of Paddington Bear.  And inside was this treasure-trove of photographs, some of which may be a bit dated but surely there is no expiration date on the smiles of happy children!

Junior and Senior Infants at Dublin Zoo:

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Senior Infants Enjoying Aistear through Lego

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Next Stop: The Maths Station 

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At the English Station and in the Library

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On an Autumn Walk

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