Chess Boys Win Thriller Over Castleknock CC

The clock was winding down.  The match had been long and tense but the result was still teetering on a dagger’s edge.  There had been a few heavy challenges, but overall it was a good, clean fight with both the Conleth’s and the Castleknock CC boys following the clever but cruel conventions of chess.  Ms. NiAonghusa arrived with the crisps and sodas from the tuckshop, hoping the beguiling scent of Meanies would prompt someone, anyone into a rash attack, perhaps a headlong hormonal rush of the Queen from E2 to H5 or a kamikaze leap of a Knight, G3 to H1.  But it was to no avail: these boys were locked in and it was going to go down to the wire.  And then the reports from the battlefield started to filter in: a win for Conleth’s!  But another Conleth’s king is stuck: caught in the crosshairs of  two bishops.  It is 1-1.  A third result goes our way as the fleeing Castleknock regent is hunted down more mercilessly than in any rugby rout.  The fourth lays it all square and it looks like it is all coming down to Board 1. Their best vs. ours, as it should be. And Suyash Patidar laid just claim to the hero’s mantle, vanquishing his foe with a deft and stylish move in which he overturned the social order scoring a checkmate with a pawn, definitively settling the well-fought match and releasing the combatants to a well-earned overdose of sugar and salt. The rugby boys may get most of the headlines, but our Chess Team victors are warriors who are no less worthy!

Chess Team Stalwarts: Keane, Eamon, Robert, Adam, Harry and Suyash (unpictured: James)