Santa’s Little Helpers

After their beautiful carols concert on Tuesday, it was Christmas Party time on Wednesday for the Junior School. We Senior Teachers are always a little jealous of our Junior colleagues at this time of year. The younger Conlethian students naturally seem to get the most excited about Christmastime and their teachers, in turn, get to enjoy a whole host of activities of which we only get a taste: the maintenance of a learning environment despite seasonal hysteria setting in on Nov. 1 at 12:01 a.m.; the decoration of the classroom with all the students’ Christmas art, which somehow all seem exactly perfect and equally deserving of prominent display; the relatively easy peasy clean-up after all that cutting, pasting and ‘accidental’ stabbing; the refereeing of class-wide ‘discussions’ over whether to watch Home Alone 1 or 2 (never 3); the annual argument over the suitability of Die Hard for eight-year-olds; the practising of carols with a class whose vocal talents somehow all seem exactly perfect and equally deserving of prominent display; the attempted slow release of various forms of sugar over the last few days; the even easier, peasier clean-up of said various forms of sugar when they reappear unexpectedly… no wonder they get more wine than us! In truth, we are relieved at our lighter yuletide workload but also a little bit jealous. Look at the smiles on those Junior School students, below!

Above, we also see the Junior Hockey girls down at the astro for their traditional Santa Hockey Tournament (with OLG). Good-natured, but competitive, fun was had by all and then the girls received their just rewards for braving the elements: a Christmas Hot Chocolate, courtesy of Coach Ms. Leary!