(Slightly Revised) Senior School Christmas Exams Schedules!

(Revisions: First Years start with French on Monday.  Sixth Years have English at 8:30 on Tuesday.  PDFs have been updated and there is a Daily Exam Schedule in Events.)

If Ms. Killen were Santa Claus, the elves would have everything wrapped and ready to go on the 26th of December- for the following Christmas!  Here are the Senior School Christmas Exam schedules, by year.  We will carefully go over exam rules and regulations in class with the students.  The school-day ends for each year at the completion of their last exam.  After-school Study will start ten minutes after the last exam of each day.  If you still have any questions, write them on paper and place them carefully in the fireplace.  The exam elves will get back to you!

Click on each year to see a PDF of their respective Exam Schedule:

First Year Christmas Exam Schedule 

Second Year Christmas Exam Schedule

Third Year Christmas Exam Schedule

Fifth Year Christmas Exam Schedule

Sixth Year Christmas Exam Schedule