School Rules and Policies

School Rules (as in School Journal 2017-2018)

  1. Respect and courtesy must be shown at all times to fellow students, teachers and the wider community.
    Bad language is not acceptable.
  2. Proper behaviour is expected at all times.
    Any complaints arising from misbehaviour outside school will result in disciplinary action.
  3. Herbert Park is out of bounds for First, Second and Third Years, unless accompanied by a teacher.
    No student may leave the school during the day without permission.
  4. School dress code must be adhered to. A neat and tidy appearance is essential.
  5. Absences and lates must be explained in writing in School Journal by parent or guardian.
  6. Tippex and chewing gum are not allowed. School property must be respected.
  7. School Property must be respected and free of litter and graffiti. Pupils will be liable for any damage caused to property.
  8. Smoking in the school or in the vicinity of the school is regarded as a serious breach of discipline.
  9. Mobile phones, and/or other electronic equipment which detract from teaching and learning will be confiscated.
  10. Students must comply with the schools Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and Computers.
  11. Suspension is enforced in cases of serous misdemeanours or repeated instances of misbehaviour.
  12. Sound study habits should be developed and proper maintenance of belongings, i.e. books, copies, Journal, lockers is expected.
  13. The Manager reserves the right to expel any pupil who, in his opinion, is guilty of persistent neglect of studies, misbehaviour or insubordination.