Rugby Roars Again!

We missed a lot of big things these last two years and maybe one of the biggest for our youngsters was the challenge and fun of real, full sporting competition. Well, Fifth Form were finally back in competition this past weekend and the match versus Willow Park had all that we wanted , and so dearly missed: good-natured competition, sporting skill, camaraderie, fresh air and the smell of wet grass. Conleth’s Dad Cahir Davitt sent us these great pictures and we have added to them by including some action shots from training sessions during the dog days: no, Head of Junior Sport Louis Magee and his coaches did not let things just come to a standstill because of restrictions. The kids played on, limited in scope but giving it their all, down on the Herbert Park pitches. We also see some our Junior girls in action from earlier in the term, getting tips from roving Leinster specialist Grainne Vaugh.