Not Putting Their Chocolate Where Their Mouths Are!

We take Lent seriously at St. Conleth’s and the Prep and Junior School pupils especially like to ‘give something up’ or ‘do something extra’ to honour the special Christian season.  This year, one of our Third Form parents, Ms. Tonia Spollen, devised a way they could do both and everyone (except perhaps the dentist) was happy.  Tonia’s son Lenny and all the other Prep and Junior School boys and girls (with some pivotal assistance from the Transition Years) gathered up 387 eggs which could have ended up in their tummies and donated them to the Capuchin Day Centre where Director Kevin Crowley ofm will make sure all 386 will end up with people who need a little pick-me-up on Easter morning.  The only problem was where to store 385 eggs.   Ms. Kelly enlisted the help of her Junior Infants to carefully store and guard the 384 eggs and we are happy to say that all 383 are now neatly stacked and ready for delivery!

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